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Vibrator, is it healthy for you?

I was reading’s article the other day, written by Jessica Migala. The topic as you can guess by the subject was related to the sex toys and if that’s good for you. Well if you’re curious whether to try using a vibrator or not, you are not alone. Back in 2009, there was a study announced in the Journal of Sexual Medicine where was found that 53% of the women ages 18-60 have used a vibrator and 25% of them have used it in the past month.

So if you wonder whether to try it or not, do not hesitate and go for it. After all people should try more and different stuff in order to expend their sight. Here are some more benefits of using vibrator.

Why it’s healthy?

As per Kristin Zeising, PsyD(psychologist and sex therapist), one of the benefits is that if you choose to try it solo, you can discover what turns you on without feeling pressure or expectation from the opposite side. She also recommend to try different things with it and to find out what turns you on, to discover erogenous zones you are not aware about. The “profit” of that would be finding out what feels good and will help you give your partner directions hence the sex may become even more pleasurable.

The other aspect of including a vibrator in your sex “program” can boost your bond with your partner. If we thing about indeed anything that brings more pleasure to our sex life can help our relationship. Opening the “toy” topic can unleash your partner to share more of his/hers desires.

Bring it into the bedroom!

If you think that your partner might be against bringing vibrator into the bedroom, check out this study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine  where 45% of men have used a vibrator and most of them did so with their partner. Also the participants who had used vibrators recently scored higher on four of the five domains of the International Index of Erectile Function (erectile function, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and sexual desire).

On the question how to bring up the topic with your mate, Zeising recommends suggest it as a way to add to the fun. Also as you may be already thought about, you have to reassure your partner that your desire to use a vibrator has nothing to do with his performance. You may also introduce it as way to fulfill some of your fantasies. At the end  you should know the best how to approach your partner.

As a conclusion I may say that exploring is a key thing for every aspect of our lives. Why not exploring in bed then? For “single player” what’s better than finding out something new about yourself? For “multi player” what’s better than finding out something new for both(all) of you.


EverydayHealth and Jessica Migala

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