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Health benefits to have sex right now

Health benefits to have sex right now

We are more than sure you are into BIO, watch your weight, go to gym, but are you sure you are not forgetting something? Like making love?!

Not only it is instant pleasure you know, but it does good things to your body too. We are not talking about all the daily tips coming from everywhere: eat more fruits, no alcohol, quit smoking, skip the elevator, etc.

Spend a couple of minutes to find out how sex can help your heart, extends your life and keep you smiled all the time.

Have more sex. Yes, correct. Simple as that. Romping regularly in the sheets really does a body good. Psychological and biological studies already proven having sex overall benefits. How so? Well, for younger audience, sex make you feel like in heaven, connected to your and someone else’s body and so on, but it pays some big-time physical dividends too.

Regular sex reduces stress, improve your sleeping and even helps you live longer (of course as long as it’s safe) Worth the saying that if you live an unhealthy lifestyle, sex is not going to overcome that, not that we are judging. If you’re healthy enough to have sex, then doing the deed regularly can only make you more so.

Here are some great health benefits of having sex.

Sex makes menopause easier to accept

Menopause is the period when a woman’s sexual appetite dries up with her estrogen, right? Not so much! Regular penetration with lubricant, 2-3 times a week, fights vaginal dryness and improves the flexibility and thickness of the skin inside the vagina. Why not vibrator or fingers? Sex is like remedy to pain This one is also proven, especially when orgasm is achieved. A climaxing releases endorphins, natural pain-relievers that can blunt all kinds of pain from menstrual cramps and arthritis to whiplash, back pain, even labor contractions and migraines. Unfortunately, relief is temporary, but it’s a good excuse to hump your half for another 10 minutes.

Extends your lifetime

What caught our attention here: for women, quality counts, for men, it’s all about quantity. One of the best-known British studies is showing those who had at least two orgasms per week had half the mortality risk of those who reported just one a month. A Swedish one claims that men past their 75th birthdays were the ones who stayed sexually active than those who died before 75 had holstered their pistol long before. The findings suggest that it’s orgasm, not just sex, that’s important for health benefits.

“Keeps your heart alive”

Not happy with your sexual activity? Of course, nothing says that poor sex life will give you a heart attack, no worries. But researchers know that stress, anger and depression are huge helpers for heart disease. In addition, when we are in emotional period, rarely feel like making love, but we should. It is proven that it cheers you up and reduce stress, which leads to healthier cardiovascular status, and this all comes from sexual timings. “For that reason, sex is good for your heart.”

Consider sex as working out

Having lots of sex probably won’t get you in “six-pack” shape, but don’t underestimate it, please! The energy spent in sex considered as equal to walking, climbing up the stairs or washing windows. Unfortunately, only few calories are burnt during sex, because (at least in the U.S) it’s not more than seven-minute event. Regular sex keeps your pelvic floor in shape, that’s important because a toned pelvic floor means big orgasms.

Sleep like a baby

Ever gone dirty with your man only to have him turn around and snore right away? We owe this great combo of strenuous exertion and feel-good, sleep-inducing brain chemicals, like oxytocin and prolactin, released during orgasms. Simple explanation: you relax, get calmer, throw away the worries of the day and it makes it easier to drift off.

Sex really can make you happier

Touching and hugging gets oxytocin rushing to your brain, orgasm makes it surge. It’s kind of similar to being hooked up to happy drugs, explains why having sex can put us in a great mood and even guard against depression. Interesting fact: oxytocin, knows as the “bonding hormone” makes mothers fall in love with their newborns. It also makes us feel more connected to the person we’re making love to.

Improves fertility

We know what you are thinking of (also true) but not the point here. Often sex regulates menstrual cycles, which makes conception easier. Having an orgasm, especially after your partner finishes, may even speed up the process of getting knocked up. In addition, semen contains prostaglandins, once you reach your due date, having sex is often suggested to kick-start labor.

In general

We need to love and be loved, it designed by nature. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety and depression that could affect their life in general. Having an active sex life can make you healthier. We strongly believe it can make you a lot happier as well.

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