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Happy and healthy sex life according to women

Get the full experience between she sheets with these simple tips. The benefits of intimate moments between you two extends way beyond your bedroom. Regular interactions with your partner are the best scenario for creating healthy relationship in general. What if you are not into play games all the time? Is everything alright? – Definitely, yes! Women’s sex impulses may vary. This may result of something different then your current mood. If someone comes in with a low libido, it can often be an indication that something else is going on, on emotional or physical level. Pretty much sexual desire is a barometer of your overall health. You can’t come up with an idea on how to turn up the heat yourself. Check bellow to find out what women really need to feel happy and healthy in sex life.

Open “Sexual Health Talk” with the partner.

No matter how uncomfortable these chit chats may be, you need to be perfectly honest with topics like, “When was the last time you were tested?” or about previous intimate interactions or birth control. Don’t be ashamed to ask your partner about its sexual history. The women are happiest when they feel safe (not only in bed 🙂 ) There is also a way to turn around this discussion into positive one. Come up with something like “I’m really into you, and if we want things to work out for us, we need to talk about our sexual histories” If he or she is not open to the discussion, at least you will have something different to think about.

Some “Add-ons” to make it more pleasurable.

It’s not a secret that middle age women can experience vaginal dryness, but it may be secret to some that younger women can be affected as well. To make things more pleasurable, get yourself lubricant; just be sure to take the “right kind” for you as there are key differences among them, ingredients, purpose etc. Aipapii suggest going natural with water-based lubricant, you can use it naturally and give yourself some more time to warm up.

Be confident with what you want in bed.

There is no reason to be ashamed of your desires. If you are unconformable after all, express your fantasy like something you dreamed about last night. Good suggestion, right? Try to use more stimulating words and expressions, this most likely will lead you to the kind of sex you’d like to have.

More gym, more sex.

You will be surprised how adding some specific exercises can reflect your orgasms and strengthen the pelvic area. When boosted, the kegel muscles, which wrap around the vagina and anus in the shape of a figure eight, help strengthen your pelvic floor, which supports all your pelvic organs. If you are doing it right in result you will get: heightened arousal during sex, better blood circulation, and even be able to produce more lubrication.

Trust and Emotional safety.

It’s impossible to have healthy relationship if you are not fully connected to your significant other or worried about your half’s loyalty. If your think your mate may be cheating on you, it’s important to address it on time. Another remark here: try to start the conversation in a non-confrontational way. You can go with something like “I feel we haven’t been so close lately, you are always on the phone, texting, it makes me feel unsecure” Then be clear what you want from relationship and sex life, because they value.


No matter if it’s a long-term or brand-new relationship, both can be impacted if woman doesn’t feel confident with her body into sexual encounter. May sounds easier said than done but try to disregard a few extra pounds or stretch marks and live for the moment. Calm and take your mind to a relaxing place, where your brain deactivates, so you can experience both soul and body orgasm.

Right diet. Healthier body. Amazing sex.

There are studies showing that choosing certain foods can help you feel sexier. USA University researches shows that phytonutrients found in watermelon can relax blood vessels, which may in turn boost your libido. The same happens to your body when you take foods rich in vitamin C. Research shows that the vitamin increases circulation, which may help improve sex drive in women.

Aipapii at you service!

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