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Sex mistakes women often do

You think you know everything about sex? Nice to meet you Mrs. Know it all. Let us add some more information when it comes to matters of the body.

Do you obsess with your look? Shy when it comes to yours or his body? He is down for new thinks, but do you? Do you have good manners in bed? Here is a set of good examples you could simply avoid.

Thinking he is always up for sex

Pretty much true when it comes down to teenage boys, but with grown men is not exactly the same. Assuming you are dealing with men, already passed his middle 20s, there are many factors for their right mood. Work pressure, bills, energy and everyday life can sometimes impact his libido. If he is not into it right now, it doesn’t mean he’s not attracted by you anymore. He truly must be exhausted (or he just want to cuddle and relax) Thinking sex is over when he is May be yes, for him. Let your partner know you haven’t finished your business and give him some directions to get you to the end by using his hands or mouth. They should pay the attention you deserve, align your needs before next time.

Stop reproach your body

Gain few pounds lately? Not a big deal! Putting on extra weight is no excuse to avoid sex. Most of the men are really into curves, believe! Or may be your weight is fine, but you’re fixating on another flow. If he wants to have sex with you, you are sexy. Simple as that.

Counting only on him

Pleasure a woman is not as easy as it seems. Not giving him any guidance, may lead to wrong directions. Go with directions – when, where, how hard, how fast and on and on. Probably he won’t be offended if you say a few words but there is also alternative way to say what you want. For example: when you are watching sex scene just come up with something like, “That’s a good move” or “That doesn’t work for me” Or let out a moan when he does something that’s “definitely yours” When it comes to sex, communication is the key!

Being skeptical when he suggests something new

No new moves and sex routines are ok for you. Doesn’t matter if it’s the kitchen table or bedroom when you get the same filling. Comfort zone can get really boring sometimes. Most of the men like looking at, trying, experimenting and experiencing new things. It’s completely ok to suggest something different and it’s not a criticism of you, more of a natural way of craving for variety. Be open minded. The best of all, he wants to try this new with you.

Wild surprise

If you are preparing wild journey for him, make sure it’s some kind of way communicated first. Sexting, sexy underwear and whipped cream make great surprises. Blindfolds, handcuffs and a riding crop do not. Same goes for tush play – it’s poor manners (and possibly assault) to try to slip in there without asking first.

Saying different name

The moment it happens, good luck with getting away without a fight. Of course, it depends whose name you are referring to: Ryan Reynolds or your ex’s. Especially if there is still drama around getting him over. You can always try to go away with “This is just something women do, that’s all a fantasy and probably doesn’t mean anything.”

Talk too much about tool malfunction

This is natural for every man, but it’s still a bit of awkward situation for both. Doesn’t really understand why. Unless this is ongoing problem, don’t make a big deal about it. Aipapii’s advice is to skip comments in general. Delving into the psychology of why he’s gone down and what it means only makes the situation worse. He could have suddenly had a mental flash of his grandmother, he couldn’t control and here is what happened. You can keep going and try something else. There are a lot of things to do between the sheets. Take it as a change for him to focus on you for a longer time.

Control the booty calls

Make sure you are both just for the sex – it’s really annoying to keep showing up again and again if it was clear it was a one-night thing. Limit the drunken 3am calls – waking someone up every Friday and Saturday night might be abusing as well. Imagine the stress for them. Keep it straight – your booty call isn’t the person you call when you had a bad day. You can’t treat him like a partner. If it’s late at night, better text – it’s much less intrusive. If they’re sleeping, it’s not going to wake them. If they’re with someone else, it’s not going to be awkward. Be short and clear.

Ladies, not so much to think about, but still worth skipping the above in order to take the best of sex.

Aipapii at your service.

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