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About Aipapii

Nowadays, people are reserved to the non-standard that the pleasure of sex bring to us.
Are you too shy to go down to your local sex shop? Feeling uncomfortable by the sexist images around you?
Here is something refreshing for you.
Aipapii “Health & Education” is innovative online store that offers products related to adult sexual and erotic entertainment, such as vibrators, sex-toys (etc) and other products in relation.
Often, this kind of online shopping is favored by the consumer, as they have less overheads and can be perused within the comfort of the home.
We value your privacy!
We, behind “Aipapii” are sex positive people, who are offering comprehensive catalogue and easy to navigate sections you can enjoy scrolling to.
“Aipapii” offers question and answer form, contact us whenever assistance is needed, we’ll be glad to guide you towards.
We strongly believe that sex is beautiful in all kind of aspects and we should celebrate it every day.

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