Sex mistakes women often do

You think you know everything about sex? Nice to meet you Mrs. Know it all. Let us add some more information when it comes to matters of the body. Do you obsess with your look? Shy when it comes to yours or his body? He is down for new thinks,

Happy and healthy sex life according to women

Get the full experience between she sheets with these simple tips. The benefits of intimate moments between you two extends way beyond your bedroom. Regular interactions with your partner are the best scenario for creating healthy relationship in general. What if you are not into play games all the time?


Health benefits to have sex right now

Health benefits to have sex right now We are more than sure you are into BIO, watch your weight, go to gym, but are you sure you are not forgetting something? Like making love?! Not only it is instant pleasure you know, but it does good things to your body


Stimulate your SEX life – 8 steps guide

You spend every single day with your partner, being in love with each other? This is more than perfect! Breakfast in bed, Sunday walks, dream come true, but deep inside you feel something is missing? At the end of the day you are cuddling, talking about whenever till you fall

Vibrator, is it healthy for you?

I was reading’s article the other day, written by Jessica Migala. The topic as you can guess by the subject was related to the sex toys and if that’s good for you. Well if you’re curious whether to try using a vibrator or not, you are not alone. Back