Kegel Balls and Combos

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This Aipapii’s product represent the phrase “where business meets pleasure“. That’s because these kegel balls increase bladder control, vaginal tightness and self-confidence, at the same time it brings you pleasure.


Price: Free

Delivery Time: If you ship From US warehouse it usually takes 5-7 days, but it could take up to 14 days.

Some more details about:

1. FDA Approved body-safe silicone – the best kegel ball silicone money can buy. The same material doctors use with their patients. Non-porous and non-toxic (phthalate free).

2. Perfect Fit – Aipapii’s kegel exercise weights are custom designed to fit any vagina or anus. They are comfortable to hold and the strong, flexible tab (that doesn’t break) makes removal a breeze.

3. Elegant Packaging: 100% private packaging, no need to worry about privacy being discovered.

Made of premium silicone, they’re also incredibly comfortable and safe to use. Our silicone is waterproof, hypoallergenic, odor resistant, and free of Phthalates, BPA, Dioxin and Latex. Plus, our ben wa balls stringed loop design makes them easy to insert and remove (just like a tampon).

4. Exercise Modes – Meet multiple requirements with 5 free combination. Each sphere has a unique color and is accompanied by different weights. It can be disassembled and reinstalled in a repetitive manner. The balloon can no longer be monotonous, and it is easy to clean.

Single Ball
– Weights 30gr, they’re the perfect kegel balls for beginners.

Double Ball
– Weights 60gr & 80gr, ideal for more advanced exercises.

Each sphere has a unique color and is accompanied by different weights. It can be disassembled and reinstalled in a repetitive manner. The balloon can no longer be monotonous, and it is easy to clean and use.

Package Includes:

Depends on selection. Please refer to the image when you make your selection.

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number

5 Exercise Modes Kegel Balls


FDA approved medical grade body-safe silicone


Blue and Pink

Weight for Each Ball

Blue: 30g(1.05oz), Pink: 40g(1.58oz)

Diameter for Each Ball

1.4 in (3.5 cm )


3.9 – 5.7 in (10- 15 cm)


100% Waterproof


5 Exercise Modes,Use each weight for just 15 minutes a day


Discreet package to protect your privacy

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20 reviews for Kegel Balls and Combos

  1. martinzca


    Beautiful product

  2. martinzca


    Fast shipping. Good packing. Quality is super.

  3. martinzca


    Super cool balls!!! But oooochen large, right through the chur large)))

  4. martinzca


    Very good product, beautiful sealed in a box as a gift left to try later unsubscribe

  5. martinzca


    Perfect. Delivered to the house. Fire, recommend

  6. martinzca


    fast shipping, good quality, don’t have some smell, nice box look like good gift!

  7. martinzca


    correct shape ,can’t wait to use them

  8. martinzca


    Set of sex coach-fire. Awesome packaging, matte cardboard, blown cellophane. The quality of the goods is excellent. Balls pleasant to the touch (like blueberries), anutri with crackling rattles meth. ball. Silicone is also pts sliding. Everything is beautifully packed. Already used-very convenient with a lace for 1 ball, the muscles work as it should, the sensations are pleasant. Lace for 2 balls is the 70 level of training. It’s a little early. Definitely recommend. Inside, if rhythmically pull the lace interesting tapping is felt, with it it is possible to get orgasm

  9. martinzca


    Size approached (after delivery) delivery the day after the order!

  10. martinzca


    Delivery to minsk (rb) month. Balls with a diameter of 36mm; weighing 34 grams blue and 45 grams pink. Asked the store to send me cone loops, and received what she wanted to answer and sent quickly! The box is neat, not wrinkled. You can buy as a gift, it will not be ashamed for a presentable look.

  11. martinzca


    Everything is super! the product came very quickly, thank you!

  12. martinzca


    Beautifully packed. Thank you very much

  13. martinzca


    Excellent quality, soft, no spike. You can choose for any necessary weight

  14. martinzca


    Packaging is beautiful very, really, gift. Storage bag, instruction. Come for a week. Thank you.

  15. martinzca


    Delivery is fast. one but… The store wrote that the shape of the heart should be paid. ok. she paid. one week getting .. round. i don’t understand anything. why offered heart? why pay extra? the seller apologized. offered discounts. but somehow i do not want anything yet. there are no comments on the product. need привыкнуть. I recommend.

  16. martinzca


    Looks and feels just super. I haven’t tried the case yet. The store is very responsive. In the warehouse there were no balls in the shape of a heart and i was offered round. I agreed. Delivered in a few days! Excellent.

  17. martinzca


    Very good quality. Fast delivery. Cannot expect more!!!

  18. martinzca


    Delivery by courier, packing in simple package, but the box as in the photo and was whole. No smell. Quality is normal

  19. martinzca


    Arrived in a week. The quality looks good. I wish there was an option to choose between the designs, though. I got the heart shaped ones but would much prefer the simpler oval shape. Hope the slanted tip doesn’t hurt.

  20. martinzca


    Delivery three weeks. Beautiful box, inside velvet storage bag. Made qualitatively, pleasant to the touch. Heart-shaped form, unfortunately the site does not allow you to upload a photo. To the shortcomings i will take the size, large. Someone wrote that they would rather come to give birth, so that’s how the mother of two children can say that for me too large. To the store there are no complaints, the goods are quality, but now i will order something smaller.

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